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Leisure Play Colours Black

Antistatic Play Colours from Leisure Grass have five technologies aimed at complying with all regulations for safe play, colours available, are green, red, blue, yellow and black allowing childrens play areas to become colourful, imaginative and exciting . Incorporating leisure shock pads or underlay in the installation process, where there is play apparatus with height can acheive critical fall heights (CFH) for safety

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Leisure Play Colours Black Artificial Grass has a 20mm pile height, its fibres are PE monofilament coloured black. The fibres include the technologies ‘Antistatic’ to dissipate electrical static, ‘Maxidrain’ for superior drainage, with the antibacterial protection of ‘LandscapeEco’ this means the fibres have been treated with antibacterial properties to keep the grass bacteria free. The importance of child safety has also been considered and Leisure play colours have the technology ‘Fireproof’ preventing it form being ignited by accidental exposure to fire. A critical fall height can be obtained by using shock pads or underlay both available from Leisure Grass.

Eco Cushion 10mm Underlay for Artificial Grass 15m roll

Artificial Grass 15mm Underlay - Cloud 9 Eco Cushion Underlay

Leisure Shock Pads / Underlay

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UNE EN ISO 11925-2:2001

The materials make it totally fireproof, thus preventing it from being ignited by an accidental exposure to fire

UNE EN 14041

The novel composition of its fibres causes the electrostatic charge of the grass to dissipate and not accumulate on it.

UNE EN ISO 12616:2003

The backing has double drainage for greater flow of liquids and dirt, double drainage, double cleaning.

ASTM G 21:2013

The fibres are treated with anti-bacterial products to make your turf free of any bacteria.