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SuperLawn 35 Supersoft

SuperLawn 35 Supersoft is a 35 mm Artificial Grass that has a high density of fibres to provide a lush texture.

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Product Description

Superlawn 35 Supersoft Artificial Grass has a 35 mm pile height, its fibres have a ‘C’ shape filament in two tone greens with a two-colour root effect in green and beige curl. It includes the technologies ‘Bodyshape’ to provide great recovery,Longlife’ for durability and ‘SoftMax’ for incredible softness

It carries a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty (see conditions).


Pool and hot tub areas
Areas for pets
Medium traffic domestic areas
Medium traffic commercial areas
Suitable for any climate


Child and pet friendly
Safe, soft and non toxic
UV stable scale 5
In Flammability class 2
Infill (10-15mm optional)
No More mud
100% recyclable
Low Maintenance


· Low maintenance, debris can be easily brushed off the surface.

· Drainage holes allows pet urine to wash away without leaving brown

patches, any other mess is easily picked up or cleaned off using a

mild detergent and water.

· Leisure Grass stock Artificial Grass Cleaner that is nontoxic and safe for

areas used by children and animals.

· No need to re seed, mow or use chemical fertilizers or weed killers.

· Can be power washed

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Features and Technology

BodyShape” The combination of shapes in the fibers gives the product an optimun recovery, sometimes supplanting the fibers with nerves. With this method we obtain a softer fiber and with a suitable recovery.

BodyShape a shape for every need!

Equipped with the “LongLive” technology that makes the fibre more durable keeping your garden perfect for longer.

With "LongLive" your garden is in perfect condition for longer!

Our “SoftMax” technology gives the fibre an incredible softness. This technology is responsible for making your lawn the most comfortable place in your garden.

SoftMax will make you not want to be anywhere else!