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SuperLawn 38 provenza

Superlawn 38 provenza has a pile height of 38mm its fibres are the softest and fluffiest.

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Product Description

With a 38mm pile height, it has "SoftMax" technology giving incredible softness to it's fibres and creating the most comfortable green space for you to enjoy. It also mixes straight and textured fibres with two tone green and beige curl, giving this soft artificial grass a natural look.


Features and Technology

Softmax technology adds to the fibre incredible softness. This softness has a scientific explanation: the fibre polymers are made up of the highest quality materials, which allow the fibres to have more definition and cleanliness in the final product. This technology is responsible for making your lawn the most comfortable area in your garden.

Safety has always been one of our main priorities at Realturf, the reason why we developed the BacteriaFree technology. The polymers of our fibres are treated with antibacterial products that keep your grass bacteria-free.

KidProof technology We want our clients to relax and enjoy our products. This is the reason why we treat the materials that make up the fibres with products 100% safe. We certify that the products in our collection are as safe as a toy.

The FireProof technology uses polymers in its fibres that comply with the European standard EN 13501. Our products have the fire resistant Dfl-s1 category, which ensures that our products do not spread flame if accidentally exposed to fire.

Pet areas
Pool and hot tub areas
Frequent use domestic areas
Frequent use commercial areas
Suitable for any climate
Child and pet friendly
Safe,soft and nontoxic
UV scale >3 (UEN-EN 20105-A02)
Non flammable (EN 13501 Dtl-s1)
Infill (10-15mm optional)
No more mud
100% recyclable
Low maintenance

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