Property Developers & Architects

Home owners who have purchased new build properties are having to finish the outdoor space as, increasingly, builders are leaving their gardens in a mess. The owners are choosing artificial lawns as a time- and cost-effective solution to make the most out of their outdoor areas. 

Property Developers

Home developers; completing your property with an artificial lawn differentiates you from other developers, as it leaves buyers with a beautiful finish and a long-term home investment of long-lasting, durable turf.

Our artificial grass is a great selling point for your properties: install it in your showrooms, to add value to your developments and boost your reputation. 


When planning a new residential development, choose artificial grass for a durable, virtually maintenance-free, time-effective solution.

An artificial grass installation will leave your project looking immaculate from the outside, enhancing the design of your development, and reflecting the quality of the home inside.

Apartments & Balconies

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SuperLawn 35 Plus

New builds

SuperLawn 35 Plus

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New Houses

A balcony is a much valued asset for those who live in an apartment. It affords a unique opportunity to combine the enjoyment of fresh air and sunshine with all the comforts of home just a few steps away.

A standard balcony floor will be just grey concrete or hard, cold tiles – not exactly homely or colourful. It is not surprising therefore that many balcony owners are installing artificial grass on the floor. As the photographs show, artificial grass adds a richness of colour that compliments and enhances the surroundings. It’s also more comfortable underfoot than concrete or balcony tiles and is easily kept clean.