The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass takes the hard work out of maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn. You will save time as there is no need for mowing, watering or seeding; and save money and storage space as there is no need for mowers or trimmers.

No more mess or mud brought into the house on shoes or paws, kids can play outside all year round on a super-tough surface that can withstand everything children and pets can throw at it, whist providing a soft safe area that is comfortable to sit, lie or play on that, won’t graze young skin, leave dirty marks or stain clothing.

None of the drawbacks of a conventional grass lawn this means, no brown spots from animals or loss of grass from tree shaded areas, no patches from the use of sunbeds, tables, chairs, trampolines and no concerns with slippery or dangerous walkways due to heavy use.

Animals will love the soft surface and dogs can’t dig holes any mess created by pets can easily be cleared away by first removing then rinsing or hosing with water for those cleans that require a little more Leisure Grass stock a disinfectant cleaner that is available on our accessories page. avialable as ready to use or concentrate

Artificial Grass is all the luxury and enjoyment of a conventional lawn without the hard work

There is no need to pay a gardener to look after your grass. Artificial grass is low maintenance, and looks good all year round. Simply brush away leaves and debris. (bushes can be purchased on our accessories page).

It has a unique drainage system with holes perforated into the backing. There is no need for pesticides or fertilisers as with conventional grass lawns, which means less cost and fewer toxins released into our environment.

Artificial grass is an investment that adds value to your home, allowing children all year round outside play and the adults to relax or party on.

Along with many other outdoor uses such as patios, roof terraces, and boat decks artificial grass is durable and won’t fade as it is UV stable. Artificial grass is versatile and can be used indoors for conservatories or orangeries.

Do moles ever dig under artificial grass?

Moles do not like an artificial lawn and will not normally dig under it. Moles are attracted by food that they would normally find in top soil, the base of an artificial lawn isn’t the ideal environment for these food sources and so moles are rarely a problem.

However, if there was a mole in the old natural grass and that mole is not removed before the artificial turf is installed, it can cause a great deal of damage. The mole will ultimately surface above ground and dig under the artificial grass, causing it to collapse.

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