Shock pads for critical fall heights (CFH)

Shock pads on tarmac

By utilising shock pads on  macadam (tarmac) and concrete areas ie-: car parks, school play grounds and any hard standing surfaces, you can create stunning safe natural play areas.

Shock pads covered in artificial grass transform dull hard standing areas into park like areas, that all children like to play.

Leisure Shock Pads

Leisure Eco Cushion Underlay 10mm

Shock pads for safety

Physical characteristics 2.25m x 0.9m ProPlay-25 consists of thermal bonded (closed-celled) cross-linked Polyethene foam (PEX). This foam comes from production residues and contains no contaminants. ProPlay-25 is tested based on microbiological resistance (according EN12225) resistance to: weathering (according EN 12224), oxidation (according EN ISO13438), acids & bases (according EN 14030). The predicted durability of PEX is a 100 years minimum (according ISO/TR 13434). ProPlay-25 is tested on durability at the German test    

 Technical data

  • Physical Thickness at 2 kPa load
  • 27 mm Mass per unit area 2.7 kg/m²      

Performance Force

  • reduction 70 % AAA* Vertical deformation 11 mm AAA*
  •  Critical fall height (Head Injury Criterion ~ 1000) 0.8 m EN 1177      

Drainage and isolation

  •  Water infiltration rate [IA] 36000 mm/hr EN 12616
  • Thermal conductivity [λ10] 0.05 W/m.K EN 12667
  • (resulting) Thermal resistance [R-value] 540 m².K/W EN 12667

 * Critical Fall Height measured at 3.1 m, but since the maximum allowed free height of fall (in Europe) is 3 meters, the certificate states 3.0 m. Note: Above critical fall heights are measured according to EN 1177:2008 when combined with a 24 mm pile height synthetic turf filled with 25 kg/m² silica sand.

Leisure Shock Pads

Leisure Eco Cushion Underlay 10mm